Become a donor

Become a donor

If you would like to make a donation to Villa Ticca you can do so in two ways:

1. Transfer an amount yourself (once/monthly/annually) to our account: IBAN: NL32 ABNA 0591052024
In Name Of: Ninos de Waita Ticca Foundation in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

2. Download our authorization form here and send it completed and signed to:
Niños de Waita Ticca Foundation
Vijver 33
3811 CL Amersfoort

Your donations to Villa Ticca are often deductible from your taxable income. For the deduction of normal donations there are some conditions and a threshold amount more info can be found on the site of the tax authorities.


Financial support

As a donor, you make a real difference at Villa Ticca. All your donations are guaranteed to go directly to underprivileged children in Ecuador and end up in one of our ongoing projects. There are several ways to donate to Villa Ticca:

  1. Become a Donor
  2. Donate Online

Schools Program

Villa Ticca is organizing an Ecuador week in cooperation with the Ecuadorian Embassy in The Hague. The special week is all about Ecuador including geography, biology and history lessons about the country.

The children are introduced to the culture in a playful way and we reflect on the difference between rich and poor in Ecuador. In addition, students can participate in several workshops, including Spanish language, Zumba, a cooking workshop and making Ecuadorian masks, jewelry and dream catchers.

The end of the week may conclude with a fundraiser for charity. This can take the form of a sponsored run, (Christmas) market, party night, collection, etc.

Villa Ticca is a small-scale foundation and all money raised goes directly to the right place.


Will you help?

Our foundation often needs help at home and abroad. Are you interested in helping the children in Ecuador? This can be done in several ways:

  1. Go to Ecuador as a volunteer. We recommend the organization Activity International for this, check out all the possibilities here!
  2. Volunteer in the Netherlands. Organize a market, a party or a sponsor run whose proceeds benefit Villa Ticca, We provide a comprehensive information package and come on request to give information with beautiful images .For schools we have a special teaching package.

Kinderen van de Evenaar - Children of the Equator

Linda and Corrie came across Villa Ticca in 2013. In June of the same year, they founded the Children of the Equator Foundation. In the webshop and at markets, they sell the most beautiful products and the proceeds went 100% to Villa Ticca through 2019. As of 2020, they support a number of other child-related causes in addition to Villa Ticca. We are very happy with the support of these ladies and heartily recommend taking a look at the website. So with every purchase through Children of the Equator, you directly support a variety of charities dedicated to the welfare of children including Villa Ticca!
Click here to go to the Children of the Equator website.

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