Sandra Smit

Hola! My name is Sandra Smit. I got to know Villa Ticca when I joined the volunteer tour. The journey, Ecuador and participating in the daycare was a perfect match for me in many ways! The fact that Villa Ticca offers many children a safe place and the chance to develop themselves, touched my heart. Every child has it’s own background and story and I would want to cuddle them so much that they would no longer feel their sorrows! When I got back to the Netherlands I soon discovered that I couldn’t let go of the foundation. It enriches me to make an effort for the daycare, together with the other volunteers in the Netherlands. I work independently, which makes me quite flexible to organize activities and raise funds for Villa Ticca. In the meantime I’ve been back to Ecuador several times already and I’m sure more visits will follow. I love to see that we can make a difference in the daily life of the children, because being at Villa Ticca allows them to simply be a child.

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