Independent restart VT Quito

Great news!
As you all know, we had to close the doors of our daycare in Quito Ecuador in 2020. We said goodbye to our employees and a lot of children. Fortunately, we were able to continue to support the families with food packages in the past 2 years This was also very much needed due to the pandemic. This was also very much needed due to the pandemic. We still support our families with food packages, but now there is more good news!
In recent months, three of our former employees have taken the initiative to independently restart the daycare in Quito. They are setting up an Ecuadorian foundation and will take care of children again in the new school year.
We are ofcourse very happy with this and also very proud of the girls! We have decided to give them the well-known building with the cow on loan, where they are already doing a lot of refurbishing. We also made an initial donation to them so that they can purchase inventory.
In the meantime, the registrations have been made and 32 children will start at Villa Ticca in this new form in the new school year! We are very grateful that children will soon be running around in our building again!
Do you also have good memories of our daycare in Quito?
Do you have a warm heart for us?
And do you also want to contribute to this initiative of the people themselves?
Every donation is more than welcome, for example money is still needed to provide the children with a nutritious meal every day!
Thank you

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