What did we do in 2018

Immediately in January all children of Villa Ticca are vaccinated and in March the foundation “Vista para Todos” gives glasses to 7 schoolchildren. They desperately needed it! Some parents and employees of Villa Ticca received after a course the diploma “prenatal prevention of disabilities”. The local travel organization Papa Gayo organizes an excursion for the children. A whole day in the fresh air playing in the grass and with animals. Lunch was also unforgettable. We receive 45 new registrations and Melanie goes on a house visit with Marlene. A number of living conditions turn out to be incisive. The KLM foundation called Wings of Support donates a considerable amount for the repair of a new roof. The old roof was leaking and caused a lot of inconvenience. Culinary Fraeylema in Slochteren is an event organized by the Lions, half of the proceeds will go to the webshop Children of the Equator, linked to Villa Ticca. We receive a fantastic amount from Children of the Equator, which means that we can provide more help. We are starting a collaboration with Mijke van Os, who works under the name Aubrain Charity, to write project plans and fundraising.

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