Mission and Objective

Mission and Objective

The Niños de Waita Ticca Foundation was founded in 2003 by Evelien Kremer and Mariska Versteegh. They did voluntary work in Quito and were so moved by the poverty they saw there that they decided to start a childcare together in the poor south of Quito (El Camal sector ) .
From the moment the doors opened in 2004 to a childcare center under the name Villa Ticca, until 2020, more than 1000 children have found a safe place here.

In 2019, Villa Ticca underwent a radical change due to the legal requirements imposed by the government. With pain in our hearts we said goodbye to our toddler and toddler groups and immediately to their dear supervisors. As a result, our focus shifted to our group of escolares, a very vulnerable target group in early puberty with all the problems and temptations that entails. Mara Vloedgraven left for Ecuador to assist this group as a professional youth worker.

The economic crisis, in combination with the withdrawal of a few important donors, meant the end of Villa Ticca as a physical shelter. Corona went a step further and Villa Ticca tried to help in the only way possible: providing food packages to the families in need.

Moving along with changes is the only thing we as a foundation can do. That is why Villa Ticca will work purely on a project basis from 2021. We look at what needs there are and where there is a need, and we respond to that. In this way, Villa Ticca offers the right help at the right time.

The foundation has an official board in the Netherlands with 3 members, a number of supporting volunteers and is located in Amersfoort. The goal that the Niños de Waita Ticca Foundation pursues is laid down in the articles of association and is achieved by:


  • Providing help, advice and guidance with regard to studies
  • Providing workshops for parents and children
  • Raising financial resources through sponsorship and donations
  • Arranging food parcels
  • Providing resources to give people in need an impulse to move on

The approach of the Niños de Waita Ticca Foundation is always tested against the following conditions:

  • Help is only offered to the poorest.
  • In Ecuador and Argentina we work with local people who, if applicable, receive a local salary
  • The overhead costs are very low, so that donations end up in the right place
  • Children are treated with respect and love, they receive meals and we look for the best opportunity for self-development with the help of the right guidance on site.
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