Villa Ticca offers help to underprivileged children in South America

Do you help too?

We have been helping underprivileged children and families in Ecuador for 20 years

Villa Ticca is a Dutch foundation that has been helping underprivileged children and their families in Ecuador since 2004.

Over the years, Villa Ticca has developed into a professional organization that has helped more than 1000 children and their families in Ecuador. By offering daycare, among other things. Villa Ticca has always responded to the request for help from the local population.

Due to changes brought about by the Corona period and changes in legislation, Villa Ticca will be working in Ecuador from July 2020 on a project basis. We have also broadened our vision to include needy neighborhoods in Argentina. (Read here more about Villa Ticca - Argentina.)

Villa Ticca works with heart and soul to provide the basic needs of the poorest people as effectively as possible in an ever-changing South America.


Will you help too?

As a donor, you make a real difference at Villa Ticca. All your donations are guaranteed to be spent directly on underprivileged children in Ecuador or Argentina and end up with one of our current projects.

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